Sunday, 19 January 2014

Life | Sunday Funday

I'm currently writing this in a post night shift haze, so I'll apologise now if it makes no sense! It's lovely to have a Sunday (almost) all to myself. I work a lot of weekends and so if I do get some downtime along with everyone else it's important to me that I make the most of it.

Today I've been fairly productive considering I've slept for 4 hours; I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed at around 12 (after finishing work at 7am) and forced myself to change the sheets and make my bed look pretty so I wouldn't be tempted to fall back into the nest I had made.

For Christmas I got a lot of baking equipment to help me fulfill my wish of getting into baking and having something in my life that isn't my job. This blender was one of the lovely pistachio coloured tools I got and, although I haven't used it for actual baking yet, I've used it a lot to make smoothies!

I love the colour of this one, and it tasted delicious. If you follow me on instagram (abigail_lovick) then you'll probably have seen some of my other concoctions! I haven't got any recipes so at the minute I tend to just chuck in whatever fruit and veg I have in the fridge with some juice, and see what it tastes like. This one was spinach, apple, banana, kiwi and orange and mango juice. Healthy! If you have or know of any posts/blogs/websites with more smoothie recipes then please link me in the comments or find me on twitter! (@_tuesdaysgirl)

Apart from whizzing up some fruity goodness in the kitchen, I've packed for my trip home and taken loads of blog photos. I know I'm slacking on the blog front but I'm hoping if I get the photos taken and the posts written I can schedule a couple of posts a week for a while and get back on it. 

My birthday is coming up on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to get some annual leave from work, so a week of celebrations gets kicked off on Monday with a sleepover with my old uni flat mates. I'm super excited because we're all NHS workers now therefore getting time off together is a rarity. I'll then be heading home to Norfolk for more celebrations with all the people I love, I'm really looking forward to it! Not so much turning 22, but I might just pretend it's my 21st all over again...that's acceptable, right? I don't want to get old!

I have nothing else exciting planned today,  just some stereotypical pampering in the bath later, a manicure with my Sensationail set  I got for christmas (post coming soon!) and then a long awaited sleep in my freshly made bed. How lovely! 

What are you doing with your Sunday? I hope whatever it is you're enjoying it. Lots of love to the weekend workers! 


  1. That smoothie looks gorgeous, and I bet it was far cheaper than buying them in the shops too!

    Hope you have a great birthday on Tuesday, I originate from Norfolk too, I was born and bred there but moved about 6 years ago to the big bright lights of London and now I live up in Newcastle which is so far away from Norwich I don't really get back that often any more :( I'm going there on holiday in May though for a whole week and I can't wait - going to go back and visit all the places I loved as a kid :D

    1. Whereabouts in Norfolk did you live? Wow Newcastle is far away, I'd love to visit there someday haha! Bet you can't wait to co do back to flat streets in the summer though! Haha thanks for reading :) xxx

    2. In Horstead (the village next door to Coltishall?!) - how about you?