Friday, 30 August 2013

Why aren't girls kind? What are you going to do about it?

"Omfg did you see what X was wearing?" 
"She's got fat" 
"I hate her hair"

I am guilty, of all the above; I put my hands up, I'm a bitch! I bitch about people I don't like, sometimes I bitch about people I do like...go figure! I put it down to bonding, to trying to fit in but actually it's just cowardice and jealousy that makes us bitch. Yes, us- I know I'm not alone in this. Show me one girl that's never said a bad thing about another, that's never judged another girl and I will show you a girl who tells porkies. 

The thing is, it's so unnecessary. It's painful to be on the end of, and it doesn't make anyone feel any better! Ok, so the girl who threw herself at your boyfriend probably does warrant a few cross words but did you say something similar to him? Have you trawled his photos on the Internet pointing out where he looks awful, what clothes don't suit him, how terrible his style is? The answer, sadly, is probably no.  I hate the way bitching makes me feel when I do it, and actually it's quite painful for me to remember the time I overheard my housemates slagging me off at university. I imagine intentionally inflicting that on someone else, and I shudder that I do it daily! Now, you're never going to be best friends with everyone- that is an unrealistic dream. There are people with whom I don't agree, I don't like their morals and I detest their clothes but do I have to go on and on about this to my friends? Nope. Can I just let them live their lives as they choose because it doesn't actually effect me? Yep, probably. 

I think we, as a gender, need to be kinder to one another. What the hell happened to girl power?! You know, zig a zig ahh and all of that? We're amazing creatures! In the words of Queen B "strong enough to bear the children, and then get back to business". As a midwife I see daily the incredible strength, humility and passion that women everywhere have- it doesn't matter about size, colour, race, religion...women are fantastic, why shouldn't they be made to feel so?! To risk another quote (it's a mean girls one though, they're always appropriate) "if you go around calling each other sluts and whores, it makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores". Never cool. 

So, I'm calling for September to be a kind month. Every time you feel a mean thought come in your head, push it straight out and replace it with something lovely, and that goes for thoughts about yourself too! No more 'this dress looks awful on me' and less Facebook stalking that girl you don't like. Let's make September a month of telling strangers you love their hair, catching up with friends you haven't seen in forever and being kind to yourself. If a dress doesn't fit you, throw the bugger out (or sell it, recycle it, donate it- whatever) the point is remove negative things from your life and see the difference it makes to you. A lady today told me, randomly as I worked, how lovely my hair was and it honestly made my day. I sat up straighter, smiled bigger and generally felt so much better all because of her one throwaway comment. Imagine having the power to do that for someone everyday instead of bringing yourself and others down with negativity and nastiness. 

It will be hard and you'll slip up, but it's worth a try right? Trying for more kindness in the world will never do anyone harm! Let me know if you're up for it, I know I will be trying! Aim for one nice comment to someone a day, and less bitching, at least. Let me know how you're getting on. Let's spread the love, ladies. If you're for giving it a go with me, tweet me or comment below. 

Abigail xx


All pictures are from Pinterest

Old favourites

It's great that bloggers are constantly reviewing new else would I know what I needed on my next Boots perusal?! But sometimes I think that old favourites posts can be just as useful/interesting if you're on the hunt for something to boost your collection.

Enter my beauty favourites that aren't new or groundbreaking in terms of press releases or coverage but I couldn't live without nonetheless. Now, the Real Techniques brushes and the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallete aren't strangers to blogging hype, but there's a reason for that. The brushes are the first 'proper' makeup brushes I bought and it makes me cringe that I spent so long using supermarket foundation brushes which I never washed! oh, the shame! These babies are soft after countless washes, and make makeup perfect every time. My favourite is the buffing brush (not pictured) because whatever base I use it on, it always looks great. ALSO, the Pixiwoo sisters are from Norwich like myself, which makes them doubly awesome, no?

The Naked 2 pallete was a moment of weakenss in Debenhams last year, and was probably my first blogger inspired purchase. I use it all the time, and I still haven't hit the pan on any of the colours! I won't review this, there are a hundred reviews by people more qualified than me to talk to you about the colour payout and pigmentation so I'll just suffice to say that I love it, and you probably will too (if you haven't already got it!)

Chanel is such a luxury brand, this perfume will always have to be a gift as I just couldn't bring myself to drop that much on one bottle! However, that being said this perfume is timeless and classic and will always remind me of my 21st birthday in Paris (oh la la) therefore if push came to shove, I probably would buy it for myself (just very, very quickly).

Another perfume that's hiding in there is Stella McCartney's LILY in the gorgeous printed bottle. I have to say it was probably this little bottle's design that first drew me in one crazy day in Boots but I'm glad it did as it has become my go-to everyday perfume as I can spray and chuck it in my bag and it looks adorable when I drag it out to reapply.

The argan oil is also something I picked up on a whim, this time in TK MAXX as I was in the market for a new hair oil. Argan oil is much like moroccan oil in consistency and results and, I think, is a little cheaper to get hold of. I love this, I use it everytime I wash my hair and have noticeable improvements in terms of softness and shine.

This Revlon photoready primer is something I will always love; I've tried much more expensive primers that have been great (Benefit Porefessional) but it's when it's hard to part with Benefit prices this is my little fall back. Reduces the appearance of pores (not that this is my biggest problem) but provides a lovely base onto which to buff my foundation, and keeps my makeup set all day. I don't like the packaging- I think the glass jar is bulky and actually unhelpful if you've traveled and all the primer has slid to one side of the jar, it's impossible to get out! likewise when coming to the end of the product, it doesn't get up all the final dregs like a squeezy tube would but I love it and still repurchase anyway.

Finally, if you haven't heard of Soap and Glory the Daily Smooth body butter, where have you been hiding? I use this daily (more like when I remember, oops) after a double S&G whack in the shower and I always have to give my arm a little sniff because the smell is just so delicious, which is something we've come to expect from S&G. I haven't found a product of theirs that I don't adore; this is no exception. It's thick but sinks in quickly and keeps me baby bum soft all day. Winner!

I would love to know what you think of this post, I'm not claiming I'm knowledgeable about products like this at all but I do know what I love and why; I hope this has inspired you to maybe 'shop your stash' and find some hidden gems, or maybe nip out to boots and see whats on offer, sometimes the best things are ones without hype, just grabbed on a whim to fill the dangerous 3 for 2 offer that Boots enjoys tempting me with! Let me know :)

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I got a Liebster award!

I've been nominated for the Liebster award by Fantasy Fashionista, which is amazing as I've only been blogging a few weeks, it's so lovely to be noticed by another blogger! a huge thankyou must go to Kay for that, make sure you go and check out her blog!
I've tried to find the origin of the Liebster award but all I can find is it means 'darling' or 'dearest' in German which is super cute! It's like a blogging chain letter, the rules are as follows...

1) You link back to the person who nominated you
2) You answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you  
3) You pick 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to nominate 
4) You ask 11 questions for your nominees to answer 
5) You go to each nominated person's blog and let them know you've done the post

1) What made you start blogging?-I've read blogs for a long time now, and I finally bit the bullet and started Tuesday's Girl as soon as I finished my degree. I needed something to fill my time and encourage me to do more, and Tuesday's Girl seemed to be the answer to that! I'm so glad I did :) 

2) Who is your favourite blogger? - I always love reading posts from Kate- she's really knowledgeable about skincare and products that give you the flawless skin I crave! her posts are always really witty and well written too, and she's a babe. I'll stop now, but she's my fave I'd say! 

3) What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?- OH GOD, I love the autumn! Tartan, jumpers, crispy leaves, cold nights snuggled up with a good book, fireworks night (my favourite night of the year!). I always find that the autumn colours that repeatedly come round (emerald green, burgandy, browns) really suit my skintone and I find it the easiest season to dress for! 

4) What will you most miss about Summer? - Wandering down to the beach with my friends and having drinks and a catch up in the sun! the long days lazing around because there's nothing else to do! 

5) What is your favourite film?- I love Pitch Perfect so much! I'm not even bothered if this makes me really lame and I should be saying something like Dirty Dancing but I just love Fat Amy so much.

6) What is your favourite book? 
-Argh, the hardest question ever! I'd have to say Harry Potter (sorry, I just can't narrow it down more than that) will always be number one. But read my post on my favourite books for more info on the sorts of books I'm into! 

7) What is the best holiday you've ever been on?- It would definitely have to be when my lovely boyfriend took me to Paris for my 21st. It was a total surprise and I'd been banging on about going for so long it felt like a dream! It was just the perfect weekend, I need to revisit soon, there's just too much to see in one weekend! 

8) Where would you most like to visit? - I dream of travelling far and wide, working as a midwife as I go. Top of my list is Australia and Canada. I also really want to tour America, but wouldn't find much work there because they don't have Midwives in America as a general rule. There's also loads of places closer to home that I'm dying to visit; I love the south coast so definitely want to explore Exeter and Devon a bit more! 

9) Favourite high street clothing store?- Topshop, easy peasy! I always find something I love in there, and they're always bang on trend. Things can get a bit overdone (those cami tops that everyone went mad for this summer, for example) but the quality is great and it's not too badly priced! I'm going to cry when my student discount runs out.

10) Favourite make-up brand?- This is tough but I think I'll have to go for Benefit; I love their products and the packaging is just perfect. 

11) What would you most like to achieve in life?- Just to be comfortable and ultimately happy is the general aim! I have lots of things I want to do on the way too :) 

The blogs I'd like to nominate are: 
Wise Wardrobe
 Fashion Lock
A Pinch of Shaz
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Betsy Boat
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The Bluebird and the Robin
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...and the questions I'd like you to answer are...

1. Who/What inspires your blog?
2. How would you describe yourself?
3. Do you have any piercings/tattoos?
4. What's your favourite book (or film) ever?
5. Where are you from, and what's your favourite thing to do there? (SNEAKY double question)
6. Where do you see yourself in 3 years' time?
7. What makes you happiest?
8. What product could you not live without?
9. If your house was on fire, name 6 things you would grab?
10. What are you coveting at the moment?
11. If you could only listen to one singer/band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Be sure to link me to your liebster posts below, I can't wait to read them! xx

PS. feel free to take this image and use it in your own post/blog. BE PROUD, DARLING! 

Beaches & Cream

Isn't it funny the places near to you that you never knew existed? I'd heard of Southwold which is a pretty town on the coast near me but had never actually visited it so yesterday me and my boyfriend took a trip to see what all the fuss was about...and it's love. I've found my future house, a beautiful little cottage overlooking the sea and 5 minutes walk from the centre of town where dainty little shops sell Cath Kidston, Alex Monroe and Mulberry bags. I think Jack got quite worried when I started stroking the bags so we made a swift exit. I spent far too long lusting over so many beautiful items, I almost forgot to take photos of the place!

I said, almost...

We wondered passed the cute shops, copious pubs and quaint houses.

This one was my fave...any guesses why?! 

The circus was in town too! I wasn't allowed to go though, my boyfriend kindly suggested they might think I was an act and take me away with them. Charmer. 

We stopped for lunch in the tiniest sandwich shop ever...too tiny to sit down in, so we had a seat on the seafront and devoured the best sandwiches in the world.

Jack (regrettably) had salmon and I had buffalo mozzarella, pesto and tomato. It was so good I couldn't even stop myself long enough to take a photo.

I wore my favourite shoes ever, which are my customised converse. They sparkled in the sun and it made me very happy, I am such a magpie! 

I wore with my go-to denim summer dress from Topshop. I was very grateful for the weight of the denim- no unintentional Marilyn Monroe moments in this baby! 

Southwold is well known for it's beach huts and their owners take great pride in their appearance. I heard a rumor that you have to apply to change the colour of your beach hut incase it doesn't fit in with the others!!

As you can see, these ones co-ordinated perfectly with the seaside theme. My favourite is the one in the middle, however the one far right is called 'The Burrow' and those Harry Potter fans among you will know why that made me smile! 

I am so not good at posing for outfit photos! and this dress doesn't photograph well, but I love it anyway. Luckily I've got a willing assistant  boyfriend who doesn't mind me slinging him my camera with instructions to "take some photos of me, quicklyyyyyy!!".

It was a lovely little jaunt out and I'm already planning my return visit! there were a couple of houses there up for sale and I've researched them since I get home...maybe I'll wait a few years before purchasing! I do love exploring my home area though, and when you happen across little gems like this, it's a lovely feeling. 

Have you ever been to Southwold? what do you think of my photos in this post? I'm still learning remember so any feedback you give is greatly appreciated! 

Abigail xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Everyone loves a wedding...

Has it really been a week since I last posted?! it's gone so quickly, I've been a busy bee!

Last week I attended the wedding of my friend Charlotte and her lovely (now) husband, Ken. It was a really beautiful day and I must admit I shed a tear as she walked down the aisle!

I love weddings and I think I enjoy getting ready for them as much as the actual event! Make-up wise I try to aim for something between everyday and night out- enough so that it's clear you've made effort but not so much you look trashy (and also terrible once it's all worn off at the end of the night!) 
These are the products I used on my wedding face. 

Nothing too drastic, and for those of you who have read my shift worker's face post, you'll notice that it's a lot of the same stuff! I won't individually talk through every product because I'm not a beauty blogger, but there are some real jems in there...that bourjois bronzing primer is a godsend when you've tanned your body but not your face! I never tan my face because I'm worried it will break me out (hiya sensitive skin) but this always makes sure I match up :) For anyone interested my go-to tan is Fake Bake 60 mins tan! such a lifesaver when you're a disorganised bean like myself.

The church ceremony was beautiful and then we went to a nearby lake for the reception, to party on into the night with the newly weds! 

This was my second out of 4 weddings this summer! I was honored to be a part of the bride's day.
Here are my tips for surviving a wedding (service & reception!) incase you have any upcoming weddings this year! 
1. Dress comfortably- nothing worse than sitting around in a dress too tight, or shoes too small when you have to be in lots of pictures!

2. Dress appropriately- NO completely white outfits  (unless you've cleared it with the bride!) nothing too short or too tight, it's a wedding not a night out so try to be respectful, especially if it's a church ceremony.

3. You don't have to pay the earth for a present- we all clubbed together to get the bride and groom something simple but from the heart and she really loved it. You don't need to be the one to buy their new washing machine!

4. Take flats- heels are lovely and add that extra something to an outfit, but when you've been standing around in them all morning, it's nice to have the option of throwing on some flats before you start throwing some shapes ;) 

and finally 5. Take lots of photos (ones the photographer might miss) I have a lovely picture of the bride and her brother at the end of the night once the photographer had gone home, keep an eye out for the little things they won't be looking for, the bride and groom will really appreciate this! 

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! have a bloody good time and make sure you thank the bride and groom at the end. 

I hope some of you are lucky enough to be  a guest at a wedding soon! They're always memorable for everyone involved! 

Abigail xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

If you're going to a forest, dress like one; that's my motto.


A family trip to a forest park (google Bewilderwood if you're interested- great for kids and I actually secretly enjoyed the hidden Twiggle Houses) called for a forest themed outfit. Inspired heavily by Kim from Lovecloth, this Topshop play suit was an impulse buy but I LOVE it. I love wearing it, I love the fit, I love the looks I get when I wear it out. It's been surprisingly versatile considering its loud print and I can't wait to glam it up with some black heels, no white T-shirt and big hair. 

My first attempt at an outfit posts ergo, some very awkward poses. a tree. Obviously. (Side note, I do have two full length legs. I'll never do this one again!)

My favourite sandals of the summer are from river island and I just know these are going to look adorable right into the autumn. 

Anyway, in between surreptitiously taking photos of myself amongst hundreds of screaming children and odd looks from the 'twiggle team' (errr, your job description reads Forest Twiggle, don't be giving me sass) I joined in on the climbing and sliding...


Obviously I didn't go alone, this little fairy was the reason for the trip and she loved it. With her Nike hi-tops, sparkly handbag and fairy wings, I think she's got the real OOTD we all wanted to see.

Another family themed post- I think I'm very conscious of the fact I'm moving away for good soon and although this will always be my home, it's good to have these memories of sunny days spent climbing trees like the kids in us always want to do, while I still can (and while my parents will still pay! Ahem) and I love that my blog will serve as a great diary of these days! 

Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments or on twitter! @_tuesdaysgirl I always love to hear from you.

Abigail xxx

Summer of fun pt.2 - Holifest 2013


So going along with my summer promise to have more fun and generally say yes bit more, I agreed to partake in a family outing to London for the Holi festival of colours 2013. No, I'd never heard of it either but basically it's a small festival originating in India as a Hindu-Festival  where people celebrate the good over the bad and where the ethos is to forget, for one day, the colour of your skin, of your neighbours skin, to forget how sexual orientation, country of origin, religion affect you and just have fun being human and alive and equal. You do this by throwing paint at each other. The multi-coloured powder paint is thrown into the air and covers the crowd, rendering skin colour and the rest of it obsolete because everyone is various shades of pink, blue and yellow. 

I went along mainly to appease my mother who had seen Holifest growing popularity on Facebook and desperately wanted to go. The music on the line-up was electro-house type stuff which I don't mind but is more in my brothers taste-I went for the laughs and the family time it offered, something I've really missed whilst being away. 

Approaching Battersea Power station, everyone was a sea of white and the crowd was actually quite young and seemed to be buzzing! Not what I'd expected at all! It was a lovely day, not too hot but still sunny and I started to get excited. 

 Mum and me took full advantage of the free bindis supplied to get into the real feel of it all. 

With coloured bags of paint ready, we prepared ourselves for the first throw on the hour. I don't know what I expected, but as the music played, the DJ counted down...this happened. 

It was so surreal! I could hardly see through the colourful dust that completely engulfed the crowd, and people continued to dance and throw paint over complete strangers...and that was okay! It was so, so much fun. 

The paint throwing happened on the hour, and various Djs played throughout. I actually got into the music and danced with the best of them. 

We left early to catch our train back, but not before all our paint had been thrown and we'd had a thoroughly good time! We got some really funny looks travelling home! 

I can't say I've ever wanted a shower more, and it took 3 shampoos to rid my hair of blue dust! However, i had an amazing day and am definitely going again next year! I was sad to take my bindi off. The atmosphere at the festival was one of the friendliest I've ever encountered- several girls complimented me on my outfit or just started a casual chat. I loved it. 

Did you know about the holifest? Did you go?! I know they did several days in London, I'd love to see your photos if you did! Would you want to go next year? 

This is definitely a memory I'll keep for a very long time, not only did I enjoy the festival itself but it was a whole day in which I got along and even joked with my brother who, for the last few years has been traversing the awkward grunting moody stages of teenagedom. It was nice! 

Let me know what you think in the comments or find me on twitter @_tuesdaysgirl I always love to hear from people!

Love Abigail xx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

20 facts about Me.


Another self-indulgent blog post, but I find these ones very interesting as I love to get to know the face behind the blog! so, without further ado...20 facts about me. I'll let you decide whether they're fun or not!

1. I'm a newly qualified midwife and I really love it. Eeeek! If you think a post on this, or my journey as a student midwife would be interesting please let me know!

2. I'm from Norfolk, land of farms and tractors and this will always be home for me. I love the big cities but I'll always be a country girl.

3. I used to play the clarinet, and the piano. One of my biggest regrets is giving the piano up!

4. My favourite film is Pitch Perfect- such a sucker for cheesy tunes and a predictable storyline. Also, this film is so quotable, it's just a lovely feel good film.

5. I'm terrible with watching the 'classic' films - I'd never seen pretty woman until a couple of weeks ago!

6. My Cousin's cousin is Aston from JLS.

7. I never wear pink, yellow, orange or red. I have a thing about these colours clashing with my hair!

8. I HATE fish, I can't even be in the same room if its being eaten. I've managed to convince my boyfriend that I'm allergic so he even brushes his teeth after eating any fish.

9. I've given blood twice but nearly fainted so I'm not allowed back for a while! this is weird because I'm not squeamish at all, I'm convinced that the needle is too big and as my veins are so good, the blood leaves my body far too quickly and my system struggles to compensate...or something.

10. I don't like regular tea- I'll only drink flavoured green tea, or fruit tea. I don't like coffee or hot chocolate either.

11. I have 4 tattoos. I want more!

12. I hate phone calls. If I have an important one to make it takes me days to work up to it! And I rarely answer my phone...I'm one of those people who will miss your call and text you 30 seconds later.

13. I'm not a fan of physical contact- definitely not a naturally hugging person it just makes me feel awkward. 

14. Being woken suddenly makes me really moody. I have to come to in my own alarm clock is the sleep cycle app recently mentioned on Nouvelle Daily and it's the best 69p ever spent.

15. I could sleep anywhere at any time.

16. I have been with my lovely boyfriend Jack for three years now :) 

17. I'm a terrible clothes hoarder and shopaholic. I'm on a mission to cut down but it's so not working.

18. I'm dying to travel, I dream of moving to Australia to work as a midwife then gradually work my way home, stopping in various countries to work and see the sights.

19. I got a fish called Florence for my 18th birthday and 3 years on she's still going strong! I also have a little Norfolk terrier called Millie who is my baby (Crazy dog lady alert?!)...

20. I'm not naturally ginger ;) 

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend...inside a dog is too dark to read.

Sorry for the awful joke post's one I saw on a Waterstones bag once and it makes me chuckle everytime. As you may have guessed, this post is about books- I'm a total book worm, I always have been. There's little else I enjoy more than snuggling down with a gripping book and losing myself for a few hours! I haven't read much recently due to the increased workload that comes with finishing a degree, but now it's done (I promise to stop mentioning that soon) I'm back on it!

I love all books but ones that feature futuristic populations or dystopian futures are ones that get me most excited- think Hunger Games type adventure reads. I'm a proper geek at heart! Other titles in this genre include Scott Westerfield's 'Uglies' series, James Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy (soon to be a film!) and the brilliant Hav3n by Tom Easton are some that I really enjoy alongside Unwind by Neal Shushterman and Divergent by Veronica Roth.
 I'm also currently into zombie reads, currently working my way through World War Z by Max Brooks in preparation for watching the film with Brad Pitt in! I do always try to read the book before the film.

Alongside these, long time favourites like Harry Potter and the Phillip Pulman trilogy are ones I can read again and again! I think I just like to escape everyday life and live, for a while, somewhere much more exciting where the magic of my childhood is real. Supernatural books are another favourite genre.

For a quick read, if I'm not feeling anything too heavy, chick lit is great- Sophie Kinsella is queen of chick lit in my opinion and I can reread any book in the Shopaholic series a million times. I also love the books she writes as Marian Keyes (her real name) just as much. Another genre I always fall back on is crime/detective type books...I could never ever watch a scary film but murder in the pages of a book is much more manageable! Spitting Devil by Brian Freeman is a very quick read, but so thrilling! The Magpies by Mark Edwards had me up all night determined to finish it and Finding Emma by Steena Holmes is one I struggled to put down.

I studied English Lit in college and loved it, falling in love with the likes of Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby and Oranges are not the only fruit in the process. Carol Ann Duffy is a fantastic writer and her poetry book The world's wife is worth a read- forget your stuffy sonnets this is up to date cutting wit and it will always remind me of such a great time in my life!

People say nothing beats holding a book and turning the pages but I can't say that by using my Kindle I feel I'm missing out! I have a Kindle 4 and adore it. I think the luxury of carrying hundreds of books round in my bag will never get old. Books are so much cheaper on the Amazon store than paying out for paperbacks and take up next to no room when travelling. 14 year old me once took 10 paper backs on a two week holiday and finished them all- using up far too much of my luggage limit than I would want to do now! Kindle solves all these problems. I also have the app on my iPad and iPhone when I want to read on the go, download a fresh book away from wifi connection or simply not want to take my kindle out. Obviously there are other e-readers available but I haven't ever tried any of these so wouldn't know, although I assume they all work on the same principal.

I realise this post has turned into a very self-indulgent ramble so I apologise! Have you read any of these books? do you have any recommendations for me? do you prefer e-readers or actual books?
Let me know!

This is my reading face...

Ha, and on that note...! 

Find me on twitter and let me know what you think of this post :) and please leave comments, I love hearing from people. 

Make memories, even if they're only memories of losing yourself in a fantasy world for a few hours :)

Love, Abigail xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shift work face- products with staying power!

So I'm currently on my last run of shifts as a student midwife! Finishing up my Intensive Care Placement then I am free for a summer of fun! I can't wait. But before I can toss away my gross white uniform and frolick (frolicking on holiday is a must, no?) I must face the dreaded night shifts...let's go. 

I don't know if you could guess but night shifts aren't fun. It doesn't matter if you love your job, they're just not and there's nothing worse than catching yourself in a mirror around 4am and realise you look like hell on earth. When your patients startle at the sight of you, you know it's bad. Now I don't do a full face of makeup for work but I like to look presentable and a 12 hour shift means I need long lasting products...enter the shift worker's face! Not restricted only to those of us working all day, I find these products are perfect for a long day out or just if you're sick of specific elements of your face sliding off after a few hours! 

Quite a mimimal face I'm sure you'll agree (also hiya unhideable nightshift bags!) but one that lasts me well. These are the products I love...

Now for some reason I've left my face primer out of this photo...when a primer is actually the first step in making it all last! But for the sake of this post imagine there a bottle of Revlon photo ready primer in there. I'm new to this, can't you tell ;) now I'm not a makeup expert and the only knowledge I have comes from experience or beauty blogs (I'm going to start a Blogroll, and I'll make sure my favourites are up there!) but this is my opinion on the products I own. 
The Clinique CC cream is good coverage (medium but buildable) and doesn't dry my skin out when it's worn for a long time like some regular foundations do. The concealer is the Rimmel wake me up concealer and, despite my love for this, I'm yet to find a concealer that completely covers the tell-tale signs of 4 hours sleep! 
I use the Bourjois bronzing primer in the place of a regular powder bronzer because of its one wants an orange mess tending them in the night which I promise you I would be if I applied regular bronzer at the wrong end of the day! And I don't think that Benefits Coralitsa (which I have in their Tropicoral box set) can be beaten for a brightening blusher. I'm a sucker for anything coral. 

My favourite mascara ever ever is the Max-factor 2000 calorie one, with the curved brush. Volume, length and curl that keeps on going...why wouldn't you?! 
 Eyebrows are courtesy of soap and glory arch de triumph- highlighter and brow pencil in one. Not the best brow product out there but a time and space saver for when you can't be faffing with powders,  brushes and highliters. Finally, a splash of colour on my lips with the latest in the lip crayon offerings from Bourjois. I can't say I love this, but the colour payoff is good and sticks around.

I've got to say the star of this ensemble is the maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadow. I have the shade On and On Bronze and I couldn't love it more. 12 hours of work and it didn't budge a bit. Genius. 

All in all about 5 minutes to a respectable (ish) face that is ready to face the day (or night!). 
I do apologise for the iPhone pictures, I'm such a novice it hurts but hopefully soon once these nights are over I'll be using my camera and blogging 'properly'.

What do you think? I'd love to know what your favourite lasting products are! Or are you brave enough or go barefaced when you need to? 

I hope you're all happy and making memories. 

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Abigail xx