Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review | Sensationail is sensational!

Another of my lovely lovely Christmas presents was the Sensationail gel set I'd seen in Boots and been lusting after for months! I got the basic set with two polishes and the lamp and necessary tools, and also the removal set and another polish. I've got a good amount of practice in and my technique is definitely getting better!

It's quite a lot of steps to get used to but the finish actually does last so well, and actually I find it quite theraputic! It's also working out much, much cheaper than getting gel nails done at a salon! 

These are the three colours I have so far. I think Sugar Plum is my favourite, and the one I currently have residing on my toes. I wore Taupe Tulips on New Years Eve, and it looked really elegant. Both these colours came with the original set and then I ordered this one afterwards.

Steel a kiss is a lovely shimmery blue, and I literally couldn't stop staring at the shiny finish on this one! I was so sad when I had to take it off. I can't wait to start buying more colours and building up a collection, there's so many to choose from on the website!

This is the removal set and was a little extra extravagance that I probably wouldn't worry about if you're strapped for cash- it came with about 40 foil wraps, the removal tool, buffing block and the 98% acetone remover. It's lovely to have the complete set but actually you could buy everything seperately if you wanted- you don't need the specific foil wraps but they're really easy to use and I'm really glad my Mum thought to purchase this too. I'm really impatient so I end up scraping the polish off as soon as it's soft, when really you should probably wait a bit longer. 

Overall I was thrilled to get this for Christmas and will definitely be using it for years to come! I can't wait to get some more colours and give myself numerous gel manicures, it's going to be especially useful before any holidays I manage to book this year! 


  1. I got the starter set for Christmas, I love it! I did a review the other day. I know what you mean about it being therapeutic, I actually quite enjoy doing my nails with this. Although I keep ending up in Boots looking for more colours, oops! :)

    Nicola xx

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