Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review | L'oreal L'extrordinaire colour riche lip colours.

It's not often I buy more than one colour of a product, but when I picked up two of these lip colours in Boots I absolutely had to go back and get more of the range! I can't believe I haven't seen more posts about them to be honest, at the moment they're my perfect lip product!
The L'oreal L'extrordinaire colours are the formula of a gloss, are soft like a balm and have the lasting power of a lipstick. In the deeper colours there's even the hint of a stain once the glossiness has worn off (3-4 hours without eating!) I've fallen head over heels for these, and plan on adding more to my collection come pay day. 

Shade 600 Nude Vibrato is probably my least favourite shade, its very similar to 101 but doesn't have the pink tones and can wash me out a bit.

Shade 204 Tangerine Sonate is a juicy orange that stains well.

Shade 201 Rose Symphony is a bright fuchsia that I love for a night out, or the statement lip colour on a dewy face for spring. This is one of the more vibrant colours I have that wear down to a stain.

Shade 101 Rose Melody is my favourite of all the shades I have and is a lovely pink toned nude that is perfect for wearing every day. Its a definite 'my lips but better' type colour that is easy to apply with no mirror.

Shade 500 Molto Mauve is a lovely berry toned pink that again has the staining quality. I love this for nights out.

I love the packaging of these lip colours, as well as the range and the formula! It feels a lot more luxurious than L'Oreal and puts me in  mind of something similar to YSL or Estee Lauder!

Have you tried the L'Oreal L'extrordinaire lip colours? Which is your favourite?


  1. I'm not a glossy lips kinda gal at all - but this range has completely stolen my heart! I've been loving Rose Melody lately and I've just picked up Fuschia Drama today.. can't wait to try that! You've made me want the orange one too now! x


    1. I didn't think I was either Gemma, but aren't these easy to love?! The orange is definitely worth picking up, it's so juicy there's no other way to describe it! haha x

  2. I have been swatching them at least four times now but never actually bought one haha. They sound fab though, I might just give them a go. Oh and congrats again on winning the Trek America comp, glad it was you who won, I loved your entries :) xx

    1. I think you should definitely buy some, I've worn little else since I got them! Awwww thanks so much that's a lovely thing to say :) I'm so excited!

  3. I really want more of these I have shade 600 I love it . Maybe 101 and 204 I will try to get . I love the formula and im not a big lip gloss fan but these are summat else :) . X

  4. I that exactly the same, I'm not a huge fan of glosses but these are so super easy to wear! Xx