Friday, 11 April 2014

Competition | Third round of #blog4trek entry!

Guys, I can't believe it either but this photo got me through to the third round of the Trek America #blog4trek competition! It was so much fun to put together; I took my paper cut of the iconic Statue of Liberty and went to a local American Diner that actually I'd never been to before. It turns out they do the best pancakes ever (and I was never a fan!) and have a really cool interior, which was perfect for my pictures. I'll definitely be heading back because those pancakes were a dream.
How cool that Trek America are already helping me discover new places, ones that sit right under my nose in my home town! 

For the third (and final...eeeek!) round of the competition we have to write a piece on why we should become Trek America's next top blogger (enter Naomi Campbell looking fierce and saying something scathing  about my outfit...gulp. Just kidding. I hope?) so here it goes, and let's keep our fingers crossed! I was inspired by this quote that I love...

So let me tell stories :)

Why should I become Trek America's next top blogger? 


There once was a girl, ginger and pale, 
Who loved nothing more than to be on a trail.
A travelling girl, she flew up up and away
to Vegas and back all in one day.
This travelling girl, so nimble and quick
soared over San Francisco and Hollywood in a tick. 
From state to state she hopped on her way,
seeing sights, iconic landmarks- but never could she stay.
for this travelling girl was imagining these trips
Devouring books, blogs, souvenirs and pictures.

All in her head.
On the train, at work, in the car, and in bed
these dreams taunted our traveller constantly who instead
had grown up, trapped, in a small town by the sea 
in cold England and it was not where she wanted to be. 
She spent hours and hours deciding where she would first want to see
Or even live. Maybe love. 
To dance and eat, dip her toes in foreign sands, get blisters on her feet
from walking so far. Through those dreams of hers, for real this time.
"Those photos could be mine!" 
She wanted to see, and really feel, the energy of these places, to smell them for real
To decipher accents and create memories galore,
Her life was just fine without travel, but she wanted more
For life is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
And nothing scares our traveller more than an unfinished story. The world is her stage!
So let her play on, bring back stories and tales,
Take her on this two week trek and let her see what it entails
To take on the Westerner 2, and she'll bring home with her 
poems and memories and not a few pictures
Which she'll put on her blog for all to read, 
In the hope that her travels will indeed
Inspire at least one to go forth and conquer,
Create new dreams, and something she longs for-
To encourage new travels, and therefore new tales. 
"Tell them stories" she was told "they need wind for their sails" 
She'll never forget, never stop spreading the word
Of how travelling with Trek America will set you free as a bird.

So "why should we pick you" I hear you ask?
Because I'm the one who will make this trip last :)


  1. I love this! Just stumbled upon your blog via A Rosie your entry, fingers crossed you win! Good luck!
    Katie x

    1. Thanks so much Katie :) keep your fingers crossed :) xx