Monday, 5 May 2014

Life | International day of the Midwife!

Happy international day of the Midwife! It might mean nothing to you, but as a Midwife it's a day to appreciate the hard work that goes into my profession from midwives around the world. I'm very proud to do what I do! 
If you think you'd like a more in depth post about my job then I'd love to do one! I just don't know if people would find that a bit boring? Do let me know on here or on twitter (@_tuesdaysgirl) I'm always up for chatting about the job I love.

Being a midwife means being an honoured witness to a woman giving birth...and sometimes being the lucky one who gets to catch the baby." 

It's not just the making of babies but the making of mothers that is the true miracle of birth!  Whether you're pregnant, had a baby or have babies in mind for the future you will need and meet lovely midwives. Nobody is a midwife for the glamour or the money and that is evident in the care we give. If you know a Midwife, hug one. 


  1. I kind-of know several midwives - all the nurses at the fertility clinic where we've been having IVF treatment were originally midwives before they specialised in fertility and they're all so absolutely lovely! I could quite happily hug them when I'm there as they really do make you feel as if they only want what's best for you. :-) x

    1. I think that's all part of being a midwife; you genuinely do want the absolute best for your patients :) xx