Tuesday, 10 June 2014

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So in exactly two weeks I'll be jetting off to Malta to enjoy a week of sunshine, cocktails and gorgeous beaches. I'm going with my boyfriend and my Ma and Pa and I'm so very excited to just have a week to myself with no stresses or to-do lists! I've been gymming and planning for a while in preparation (by planning I mean buying bikinis and kimonos) and now it's time to step the prep up a notch! 

These are the little beauties currently aiding me in me beach body prep. Now, I'm never going to a Triangl model (sob, selling my Triangl Winnie bikini for this reason!) but I do want to feel happy in my own skin. I've really started to focus on my diet and fitness to tone up the final wobbly bits. I've cut down my simple carb intake and upped the fruit and veg content. Plus lots and lots of water to clear my skin and get me feeling energetic. 

I've been following the LDN Muscle bikini guide for a while and have started to see some improvements, so I'm continuing to stick to the brutal regime and punishing myself daily at the gym! 
Soap & Glory's sit tight 4-D smoothing serum is massaged daily into my lower body to help achieve beach ready smooth legs! You really feel the burn with this when you're sitting down and I've been using it daily! It's a weird but not unpleasant feeling and although I'm yet to see any dramatic results the bottle says it may take 14 days...which is perfect timing for me! 

I'm not a tanner, in the sun I tend to singe and my freckles just multiply. While I don't mind this, I do crave that golden glow that everyone else seems to obtain- so I just have to fake it. The clarins liquid self tanning cream is a dream for my face (I never put body tanners on my face, ever!) I'm using it twice a day until I have the tan on my face I like, then I'll drop it to once every other day to maintain. It's not orange, not streaky and it doesn't smell like fake tan. It's just a really nice, light, moisturing gradual self tanner...such a winner.

Another tanning love is the Dove summer glow with soft shimmer. Now, this does smell of fake tan but I'm one of those weirdos that absolutely loves that smell! The shimmer is really subtle and only lasts for the first day of application.
I have this in the medium to dark skin, which I clearly am not however, I thought this might be the most effective and I was right. I put this one once a day and already I've had loads of people ask if I've been on holiday! It's easy to apply and doesn't streak at all, it does feel a bit sticky for a while afterwards though and it's so easy to forget to wash your hands and in between your fingers after applying so be careful. No body likes the tell tale orange palms or tide marks on your fingers! 

So that's a short summary of my holiday prep that's going on at the minute! I love everything about flying, airports and the resulting hot beaches so I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of that in the coming weeks! It's also good practice for my Trek America holiday in September! 

What do you do to prepare for your holidays? Anything I'm missing off my list? 

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