Sunday, 6 July 2014

Travel | Malta

It's taken me a while to write this post as I'm in complete denial that my holiday is over! My boyfriend and parents recently made our way over to he beautiful Mediterranean Isle of Malta. My family used tog to Malta a lot but it was jacks first time and I was excited to introduce him to the beautiful country and it's wonderful people! 

We stayed in st.julians bay, which is a small town on the north east coast of the island a short half an hour transfer from the Airport. We had a pretty bad exerience with the hotel and travel company, that I won't go into, I'll just say make sure you research your hotel and check trip advisor before you go! 
Despite this, it made no real impact on our holiday overall! The area we stayed in was pretty lively and seemed to have a lot of younger groups of friends on holiday together. Malta is in no way the next Ibiza but the MTV isle of music festival was the day we arrived so I suspect a lot of locals and nearby visitors had come for this  and stayed the week. My boyfriend and I enjoyed this, the atmosphere was always lively and there were plenty of bars in which to enjoy the balmy evenings. 
My parents didn't enjoy this aspect so much but luckily a short evening walk away led to st Julian's bay where there were plenty of relaxed restaurants and bars for them to enjoy. 

A couple of pool days later and we were itching for an adventure so we booked ourselves onto one of the many boat cruises to see the small island of como and the famous blue lagoon. Troy and parts of Game of Thrones were filmed here and you can see why- the scenery is  amazing. The lagoon was absolutely breathtaking, if a little more crowded than the times I've been before! It's definitely a popular spot so I'd advise going on a weekday as it would be almost unpleasantly crowded on a weekend! 

We also made the 40 minute journey on a hop on hop off sightseeing bus to the capital city of Valletta which is a beautiful city within stone walls, housing your normal high street shops and also a tourists market. 

After a wander round and some lunch we decided to get the most of our all day tickets and travelled a further 30 minutes to the small fishing village of Marsaxlokk. We'd been told there was a bigger market here, but in reality it was probably smaller and selling the he same type of touristy souvenirs that we weren't really after. Also,we went on a Monday which seems to be when all the main restaurants were closed! Despite this we had a lovely walk round, watched the fish in the crystal clear waters, dipped our toes in, took lots of photos and had some cooling drinks and the best ice cream I've ever had! There were a few restaurants open, literally right on the waters edge but I'm not a fish eater and we'd not long eaten so much to jacks disappointment we didn't get to sample to fresh catch of the day. He assures me it smelt good though! 

This photo makes me laugh because it reminds me of Joey and Chandler on the tour bus round London. I am Joey. 

I'd highly recommend Malta as a holiday destination. It has something for everyone and always has beautiful weather. The people are so, so friendly and whether you're after a bustling city, or a relaxing pool break (there aren't many beaches in Malta!) then you'll find something to interest you. Malta has stunning scenery and a rich history so there really is something for everyone. I wouldn't recommend but apart from the false start it was a perfect week away that was exactly what we needed! 

Have you ever been to Malta? 

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