Saturday, 14 September 2013

Excuse the proud Mum post, but...

I've been on the hunt for a nice looking iPad case for a while, but I'm very picky so finding the perfect one has been a bit of a struggle! I wanted eye-catching but not garish, feminine but not floral, slim but still protective and something a little bit different. All my prayers were answered by this beauty...

It is everything I wanted and has the added bonus of being able to be used for other purposes such as a clutch on a night out or a makeup bag. An even bigger bonus being it was made by my best friend Zara who is a graduate of UCA in London and promises huge things, check out her gorgeous final collection here if you're interested, it really is worth a look!

I'm actually in love with my case, and my Mum already has put in an order for a sheepskin version! I'm also debating buying a black one too, is that too much?! I have a kindle that needs a new home...

I paid £25 for it which I think is really reasonably considering the effort and materials that went into it and the quality of the bag! 

Such a sucker for some hot pink leather, who can blame me though?! It makes me smile everytime I reach into my bag and fits my iPad perfectly.

Luckily for me, the pink was a one off, but she's got lots of black and sheepskin if you're interested in one of your own! Tweet her @zaox13 and when she's big and famous you'll have an original one off piece that could be worth thousands ;) 

Zara didn't ask for this post and will probably be pretty embarrassed by it, but I thought I would sing her praises being as she is so talented and dear to me and deserves some recognition!
(Also bitch, gimme your clothes when you go to Aus!) 

Do you like my new case? 

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