Saturday, 7 September 2013

Girls just wanna have fun.

Ok so I'm not a regular blogger as yet, I'm working on the time management thang so thank you if you've stuck with me!

In school my friendship group was of about 10 girls and we were as close as anything...sadly, 5 years on (hell no, I'm old) I'm not in contact with all of them...except 3 very, very special girls who are dear to my heart. In the last three years it's been super tricky to see them due to us all attending different unis and balancing work, boyfriends and studies however we always get together on our birthdays and celebrate. So recently we got on our glad rags and celebrated the first one to turn 22!

It started with copious amounts of Pimms and lemonade in the garden, soaking up the late afternoon sun and catching up. We've all got huge plans and big changes coming up so we had a lot to chat about! We were at my oldest friend Oriane's house in the country side (this isn't MIC, we are just country bumpkins) and it was a treat to chill with friends and watch the hundreds of dragon flies flit round! I tried to catch them on camera but it just wasn't happening.

(How adorable is this dress, a dead ringer for some White Pepper ones I've seen Lily Melrose wearing!)

Once we'd finished off the Pimms we dolled ourselves up and hit Prezzo. Oh god, carbicide ahead.

It was so good. I had the baked carbonara. We had a bread started with balsamic and olive oil, italian food is my most favourite in the world. 

We followed up dinner with drinks and dancing, naturally. 

We laughed so hard and we danced even harder, I think nights like this are so precious. There are more pictures, but they're not appropriate for a public forum ;) outrageous.

I really loved catching up with my girls again, and even managed to slip a few compliments to strangers in to my night a la No Bitch September :) it felt really good! 

Sorry for the posting hiatus, I have lots of things planned so hopefully I can get back on this little bandwagon as I really do love my blog and the people I've met through it!

Let me know what you've been up to, how no bitch September is going for you and any other thoughts you have on twitter @_tuesdaysgirl. 


  1. Aw, this really reminded me of my school friends and me! It's only been a year and is so hard trying to get to see each other enough but when we do it's just like nothing has changed! Lovely photos too, love the striped dress you're wearing :) x

    Lucy / Bloglovin / Blog

    1. It's great when you're such old friends that time and distance makes no difference to your relationship! It's so important to keep friends with people who know everything about you I think :) Thanks, it's old Topshop! :) xx

  2. I have that black and white stripey dress! We're basically twins...