Sunday, 22 September 2013

This week's loves

After being ill and stuck at home on the sofa for a good few days this week, I watched a hella lot of daytime TV. As much as I love Animal Rescue Australia and Storage Hunters, I decided to see what I could find on Netflix to keep me entertained.

Orange is the new black is a Netflix original series that follows Piper Chapman (the girl in orange, above) as she surrenders herself to prison on the back of a conviction for something stupid she did when she was young and 'finding herself' on her year after college. Within the first few minutes of the first episode I was hooked, I'm trying to pace myself with the episodes but it is addictive viewing! Definitely check it out if you like dark humour!


I don't know where I first heard Lorde, but her Lana Del Ray esque voice had me from the get-go. She's a little kooky looking, which I love and I cannot get enough of her songs; Tennis Courts and Royal are my faves!

I'm 100% sure I'm not alone in loving London Grammar at the moment! Wasting my young years and Metal and Dust are on repeat right now, perfect driving late at night songs. 


How could I resist Bourjois Java rice powder in this gorgeous vintage packaging? Especially with recommendations people like Anna and Kate, I had to have it in my most recent Boots raid and, I have to say it's love for the packaging and scent alone! the added bonus is that this actually is a lovely highlighting powder that doesn't leave me shiny or ashy. 

I've been feeling pretty rubbishy this week, so these things have really been helping to perk me up and help me feel and look a little more normal! I've got lots of good posts planned for the coming week so I'm looking forward to getting those up. Last night my boyfriend and I had a nice chilled out meal to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and then walked home in the suprisingly balmy evening to watch Toy Story in bed...rock and roll! Our first date was to watch Toy Story 3 though, so it did have some reasoning and, let's be honest, who can resist such a classic? 

I really love Sundays when they're proper Sundays, and you're not hungover or working! I woke up late this morning, had a leisurely breakfast and did a few bits on my to do list. I'm looking forward to going for a nice walk this afternoon then coming home and having a sunday night pamper whilst joining in with the #bbloggers chat on twitter and watching x-factor. Living the dream!

What do you think of my loves this week? Have you got any more suggestions for series I can watch to fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in my life right now? What's your perfect sunday? Please let me know in the comments below! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' or GFC if you like my blog and I'm always on twitter for a chat if you fancy! My blog sale is still running so be sure to check that out too. I'm going to add some more stuff this coming week so keep those eyes peeled :) x


  1. I feel like you've missed your main loves for the week... like emma and rosie?


    1. Ha, sorry bebe, you're on my everlasting list of loves x