Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Something's changed around here...

Incase you didn't notice, or you haven't visited my blog before- I've had a makeover!
Thanks must go to Ana of Peaches and Cream designs. She listened to exactly what I wanted and made it exactly within my budget. Her service was personal and professional at all times and I highly recommend her if you need anything! 
I realise that, with under 50 followers and about 3 weeks blogging experience that getting my blog designed professionally may be seen as a little extravagant or a waste of money, but there was a simple reason for doing this; I'm a perfectionist and if I'm not happy with something it bugs me. I knew nothing about blog design and all the tutorials on google went straight over my head! I knew what I wanted and it was specific and my old design seemed clumsy to me. First impressions make a huge difference and whenever I find a new blog if I like the layout and pictures I'm more inclined to read on and follow, aesthetics are important! I also wanted Tuesdays Girl to be something I was proud of, which I can now say it really is. I'm looking forward to filling these beautiful pages with lots of things now! Eeep. 

Thanks again to Ana, I really hope you all like my design too :) 

Abigail Xx

PS. If you don't follow me on twitter you won't know but today I got my degree classification and I managed to bag myself a 2:1!!!! I'm SO SO happy and really proud of myself and the lovely responses I got from people on twitter made me so happy to be a part of the blogging scene right now! I'm a very happy lady.

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