Sunday, 17 November 2013

Books | As long as I have books, I can cope with anything

Getting paid for the first time in 3 years does crazy things to your head so last month I splashed out and bought myself three  actual books, whereas normally I’d leave it until they came into a sale on the kindle! I adore my kindle, it cant be beaten for convenience and portability, and having all my books in my bag without breaking my back is not to be sniffed at, but I will always love browsing Waterstones for hours flicking through the pages and getting drawn in by beautiful artwork on the covers. These are the books that caught my eye! 

My latest venture was only a short one whilst my boyfriend was holed up in the pub watching the football. Waterstones often have great deals and they were offering buy one get one half price, which I obviously couldn’t resist. I picked up The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom and Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman. Both these authors are ones I already love; you’ll of course have heard of the Northern Lights trilogy which caused such a stir and still remain one of my favourite series to date. Philip Pullman is king of the modern fantasy world and this book is a composition of fairy tales, popular and not so, in his own words. The prologue reads like an excellent English literature essay and being the bookworm at heart that I am, I absolutely ate up his words of wisdom. I love books into which you can dip in and out, and fairy stories are at the heart of my childhood so this book was a winner from the off. I’m discovering old favourites and finding new ones and it’s a great book to pick up for some bedtime reading!

Mitch Albom wrote my all time favourite book The Five People You Meet In Heaven so when I saw this offering I couldn’t walk out without it. I finished it in about 3 days, due to that pesky thing called work, but definitely could’ve finished it in a day! An easy read, but a gripping one, with concepts that will definitely get you thinking which is a speciality of Albom! I don’t want to say too much and ruin it incase you want to go and get it (please do!!) but it’s about Father Time and the consequences of watching the clock. An excellent read, I'm passing this on to my Mum because I know she will love it as much as me! 

My hatred of internet shopping has well and truly been smashed to smithereens with my recent orders from Cult Beauty and now Amazon. I added The Clear Skin cookbook to my basket after seeing this post from Sophie and having given it a read through definitely am up for the concept of clean eating! My nighttime skincare routine is pretty comprehensive (have you read the post?!) but I still don’t have the flawless glowing skin I dream of, and I think my diet may be the final piece of the jigsaw. I’ll give anything a go once so I’ll do some shopping and get back to you on the effectiveness of this lifestyle choice! 

Have you read anything excellent recently? I'm always on the look out for something that grips me completely, I've always got time to lose myself in someone else's world for a while so please leave your suggestions below or bombard me on twitter! 


  1. As much as I love buying old, secondhand books, there is something very pleasurable about buying one shiny and brand new! They all look very tempting! x

  2. I love books too. I have just finished reading the Harry Potter series (for second time) in record time. I just couldn't put it down. They are so well written.
    Adela x

  3. I've always been the biggest bookworm, there's nothing better than getting completely lost in a story! The best books I've read recently are John Grisham The Racketeer and Dan Brown Inferno xx

  4. Loving your blog lovely! I have recently found myself reading books about food hahaha I wonder what that says about me... :P Think I will have to pick up this Clear Skin one, I love getting into a new "natural beauty" project! (new follower:))

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


  5. Mmm, I love that cover of 'Grimm Tales'. Some book recommendations have to include:

    - Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - the most gripping book I've ever read (along with 'Jane Eyre')
    - Unless by Carol Shields (her short stories are great too)
    - Once on a Time by A.A.Milne (hard to get a copy in print, but it's hilarious)
    - and... Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf


  6. I love your blog and I've nominated you for the Liebster award :) check it out here
    love rosie x

  7. I can spend hours in waterstones too! I really want to read the Grimm tales :)

  8. I just bought 3 books from Waterstones- although they were nerdy Asset Management and Investment Banking books lol! So maybe not what you're looking for! :P I do need a good care free book though instead of all the rubbish TV I watch x
    Heroine In Heels