Sunday, 10 November 2013

Night time skincare

I am by no means a skincare expert (see Caroline or Kate for advice) but recommendations I can do. My skin isn’t perfect, far from it, but I’m the happiest I’ve been with its condition in a while and I’d like to think it’s all down to this routine I’ve created.

I start by cleansing my face thoroughly as soon as I get in from work- makeup, however lovely, isn’t great for the skin and the less time it spends sitting there the better. I do a double cleanse with nspa’s hot cloth cleanser, which I really love and I follow this with a quick spritz of another nspa product, this time their revitalising vitamin toning mist which makes my skin feel really clean and fresh. Unfortunately these two live in my bathroom and so missed their chance for photos but trust me when I tell you they're great and worth popping into your local ASDA for! 

Then I start the luxury, and really take time over these next few steps; I recently made a very impulsive initial cult beauty order full of luxurious products and all down to some enabling tweets from Laura- post to come soon so I don't want to go into too much detail with these right now! I apply a few drops of my new Trilogy rosehip oil all over my face and then I get to work with my Ying Yu jade roller.

After about 5 minutes working the oil into my face (once the roller has warmed up I generally move on) I put a couple of pumps of The Body Shop’s tea tree blemish fade night lotion in outward motions (so as not to interfere with all the lymphatic draining I’ve just done with my roller) this smells pretty strong but again I really think I can see an improvement since using it and I’d definitely repurchase!

The next step is my secret weapon that I’ve used for years and absolutely adore. I got this jar of Helix Aspersa Muller’s Snail Gel from Holland and Barratts a while ago, and it’s still going strong. It has a jelly like consistency and claims to support the recovery of the skin by using the *wait for it* slime of the Helix aspersa muller snail. If you can bear to get over that slightly gross hurdle, this stuff is really cooling and soothing and great for scarring and collagen production. 

I finish with a generous helping of the Origins drink up intensive overnight mask for nights on which I feel my skin needs a proper pampering and then settle into bed with a good book and my electric blanket warming up my toes. I'll often also slather my hands in Soap & Glory's endless glove which smells in-cred-ible and really helps my poor NHS battered hands to stay moisturised and soft.

Since sticking to this routine for a couple of weeks I've seen a drastic improvement in the clarity of my skin; I've had much fewer angry breakouts and any blemishes I do get disappear much faster. I've got everything pinned on these few products working miracles but if you have any more suggestions to fight acne and the scars it leaves please please let me know! 


  1. Is the jade roller any good then? I suffer so badly with my skin and (as dramatic as it sounds) it really a knocks my confidence. I've heard the roller is really good for fighting under the skin bumps etc x

  2. Thanks for the review! i think my next purchases will be the origins and snail cream as i suffer from really dry skin! anywhoos, i'm new to blogging so take a gander at mine when u get the chance :) following you xxx

  3. Looks like you have some great products here! I've wanted the trilogy rose hip oil for soooo long now! I definitely need to just buy it xx

  4. A great blog found you on twitter
    Some great products
    Have you noticed any difference with the jade roller as I was thinking of buying one myself