Friday, 15 November 2013

Review | Benefit 15hr primer

I think this is my first proper beauty review, non? Which makes the product in question a pretty special one! When I ran out of my favourite Revlon photoready primer I decided I would branch out, as despite loving Revlon’s primer offer, the packaging is just a killer- I ended up digging out a good couple of week’s worth with a cotton bud because the glass bottle and pump system leave so much in there!

I don't really have large pores or an uneven skin tone luckily, my main skin issue is my acne scars. A primer can't really do much to help the appearance of these (if you know one that can, please spill!) but when my foundation slips off my face less than 6 hours into the day, they become more obvious. Revlon's primer does a pretty good job of securing foundation for around 8 hours but by the end of a working day I'm looking a little worse for wear.

I grabbed this primer from the Benefit stand in Peterborough as soon as the lady told me it literally sticks your makeup to your face. I guess this is why the packaging is kind of like a pritt stick?! Very clever, Benefit! I love it, it does have quite a sticky, thick consistency and needs some furious blending with either your fingers or a flat foundation brush (I use a real techniques one) but it does exactly what it's supposed to and my makeup doesn’t budge for the whole time I’m at work and beyond...well over 12 hours! 

Once blended it's weightless and, although it does nothing for the appearance of my skin, it works wonders on the appearance of my foundation and when I layer it with Laura Mercier's radiance primer, I feel like I've discovered the dream team of the primer world. I do apologise for the lack of pictures of the actual product, it swatches to nothing so is impossible to photograph! I couldn't get the focus on this one right either, but you get the idea; application is a breeze, you just sweep the stick across your t-zone and blend outwards. Lovely job! 


  1. Thanks for such a good review! I've seen a lot of people talk about this but I go back and forth between skipping using a primer all together!

    carly; sundays grace

  2. I've never tried this, but I'm quite intrigued now. I could never really imagine a stick primer though. However In this weather, I do need something to stick makeup to my face- I do find that this weather makes it slide away! Ahhh so bad that payday has just been too... I know where I'll be tomorrow... shopping! :) x
    Heroine In Heels

  3. I had a sample size of this and I absolutely loved it, just couldn't justify the price haha!

  4. ooh interesting that you team the two up!:)I'm now following your blog lovely:)

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