Thursday, 4 September 2014

Life| Dear 16 year old me...

Dear 16 year old me,
Hey girl! How's it going? So you're just about to start college and you're dead excited, right? I know you're really worrying about college and making new friends. Don't. You make tons of new friends, and still keep your old ones (the ones that matter) can I give you some advice though? Don't wear that black top on the day you have your photo taken, you'll regret it every time you get your student card out. Also, don't imagine for a second that biology will be interesting. It's not and you'll fail it anyway. You'll enjoy college though, you've always thrived when you're learning. Join the netball team and the dance club because you'll wish when you're older you'd kept up those hobbies! Get back to learning the piano too, for the same reason. Don't get your ear pierced halfway up, it'll hurt and get infected. Do experiment though. Get your sternum done like you really want (mum and dad don't care!). 

Life wise, you'll be okay. You'll be more than okay, in 6 years I can promise you you will be astounded at what you've acheived, and so so proud. I won't tell you what will happen or where you're going because half the fun is finding those things out! Stop worrying about boys though. You're okay, you're not as ugly as you think you are and honestly no one cares about your braces. They're not the reason you can't find a boyfriend! You don't need a boyfriend. Have fun. You've got high standards and not many people meet them. Stay calm. Study hard. Join a gym, eat healthier. It will help with your skin and self esteem but you don't need to lose weight, trust me. 

Stop spending all your money. Save some for a rainy day, you'll need it. You're not going to work at Asda all your life so stop being so miserable about it, be happy that you're lucky you have a job that pays well. And actually it will be the reason for a massive life change for you so hold on tight to that green shirt and roll with the punches. Smile more at work aswell. You'll thank me for it. 
Stop using face wipes, start reading blogs. Caroline Hirons is your first point of call, the rest will come from there. Enrich yourself. Read up on feminism. Make friends with people you think are a bit odd, they'll teach you the most. Learn sign language. Learn any language actually, it'll be so much help in the future (try polish. Seriously, learn it now). Endulge your passions while you've got the time and no responsibilities. Consider a gap year, you'll wish you did it later on. 

Your parents love you, a lot. Whatever is to come they never stop loving you. Look after your little brother. He won't get into the army and he'll be heartbroken but promise him from me it's for a better reason and good things are to come. 

Overall, be happy my little flower. You're smart, you're healthy and you've got amazing friends. Spend more time with them. Treasure every moment of the life you're living now. You're coming into you order prime, it will be amazing. Look forward to the unknown, don't be frightened. You achieve everything you want to, and much more, so continue to work hard it's so worth it. The good times don't ever stop. 
Stop worrying. 

All my love and best wishes. Make good choices (don't cut your hair!) 

22 year old you (I'm not that old, I heard that). 



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  1. What a lovely post! There are so many things I'd love to say to my 16 year old self haha!
    Becky xx // Geek Get Glam