Monday, 15 September 2014

Travel | hand luggage essentials.

In preparation for my exciting trip to the US, I've been constantly hunting down what's in my hand luggage posts and videos and taking notes! I've made a few sneaky preparation purchases based on what I've learnt and pulled some important items from the sample stash I seem to have acquired! Here's what I plan to include so far. I'm writing this a bit before I go so I've got time to add in anything you think I'm missing. Please let me know in the comments or on twitter as it's been so long since I've been on a long haul flight, I don't want to miss anything out! 

1. A travel pillow 

This is the J pillow and is a relatively new concept to the travel pillow world...whilst the original travel pillows are U shaped, the J pillow has extra 'wings' that can be used to support the chin and neck. You know when you're travelling, even if you've got a travel pillow your head seems to either flop all over the place or end up on the strangers shoulder next to you? The J pillow stops all that and is just a revolution. I got mine from amazon and have tested it on a couple of long car journeys and whilst sitting at home...I can confirm it is genius and I will be the envy of all on my plane! 

2. Headphones 

Obvious. What's cool to listen to these days? Let me know what your favourite songs/albums are at the minute, I need some new music to listen to! 

3. Travel documents. 
This gorgeous document wallet is from Bombay Duck and houses all my tickets, passport and spending money in one really cute place. It's not a necessity but I couldn't resist. 

3. Electronics. 

My iPad, kindle and iPhone. I'll also be taking my iPhone and camera but they're currently otherwise engaged during this post! 

4. A clear plastic bag...
This is the bit I've done the most research on, if I'm honest! 

The lineup so far includes; face wipes, moisturiser, eye cream, tissues, cotton pads, eye mask, rollerball perfume, miceller water, toothpaste, concealer, hand cream (x3...) facial SPF, hand sanitizer, lip balm (disguised as nipple cream...don't ask) and ear plugs. I'm planning to add in a blemish treatment, a toothbrush, a hairbrush and clips, tablets (incase of headaches etc). 

5. Spare top and underwear 
I'll save you the photos on this, they're pretty self explanatory too. It'll be nice after a long flight to be able to change and feel slightly fresher. I'm also paranoid about my luggage getting lost and being without clean pants...nightmare! 

6. Sunglasses and reading glasses.

7. Notebook and pen
Vital for the travel diary I intend on keeping, any plane games we want to indulge in (classics include squares, noughts and crosses and the alphabet game) and for any details I need to write down and keep safe! 

8. Portable charger 

While I am taking a camera and iPod, my phone is my default for both those functions and using it a lot will inevitably cause a serious battery drain! I don't fancy being stranded abroad with no way of being contacted so this is an absolute necessity! 

All of this is neatly housed in this gorgeous pastel leather rucksack from Topshop. 
This was a summer purchase inspired by Victoria at In The Frow's beautiful purple backpack. I couldn't quite stretch to an exact copy but this one suits all my needs and will look cute with all the outfits I'm taking! Perfect for leaving my hands free whilst sight seeing and exploring the West Coast! 

What are your hand luggage essentials? Have I missed anything out?!

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