Sunday, 21 September 2014

Life | Dear Sam Pepper

I don't know if you've seen, but Sam Pepper (a YouTube I'd previously had no knowledge of, although wasn't he in big brother years ago?) has released a video on his YouTube channel of one of his 'pranks' (it seems he does this type of thing a lot) in which he accosts young beautiful women on the street with a pretence of asking where the apple store is, only to secretly grope them with his hand whilst they're looking the other way. Ha ha ha. He squeezes their bum and then blames it on an unsuspecting member of the public who's walking passed at the same time. Ha. All of the girls look anything from mortified, embarrassed, shocked and a little scared with one girl saying "I don't like that, I don't like that" 

I'll tell you why I have a problem with this, and it's really made my blood boil...Firstly, it's just a prime example of some arrogant little shit using women for his own enjoyment, without any thought to how it makes them feel. Women's bodies are not the play thing of any man who sees fit to use them, and to do so, film it and then put it on the internet?! It's lower than low. Ask any girl, anywhere about this sort of thing and they'll tell you it happens daily. Sometimes in broad daylight in the  street, sometimes verbally. It's embarrassing and creepy, we all hate it. Even worse, in a club when some guy thinks because you've got a drunk in hand, a pair of heels on and you're dancing means you're 'fair game' and will therefore touch you, grind up against you or put his hand up your skirt. If this ever happens to me, I turn around and ask the guy exactly what he thinks he's doing touching me without my permission. It's usually enough to then make them walk off, sometimes I have to make a scene to make them go away and realise I'm serious. I will always do so though because the sooner men in general realise that this is not ok behaviour, the better. 

The second thing that bothers me so about this video is the comments. I know the internet is not one for censorship and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but so, so many people (mostly men but also some women) saying the video was ok because the girls didn't seem bothered prove just how normal this type of behaviour is. And it's terrifying! Because Louise from sprinkle of glitter (@SprinkleofGlitr) is right in the sentiment that I want any future daughters of mine to grow up in a world where her body is hers, and sacred and respected by everyone. Not groped all for a joke and a few likes on a YouTube video. 

I've posted about feminism before and it's a controversial topic but nothing moves me more than seeing such casual sexism glorified and promoted by idiots such as Sam Pepper. 

So, if you're reading this Sam, or any Sam fans, any men or women who think this sort of behaviour is okay...imagine your daughter or sister or girlfriend or best friend or even mother in the position of one of those poor unsuspecting girls that Sam groped and see if you don't just want to rip the moron's hand off. It is not okay, it is assault. There is nothing right with touching someone without their consent, and if you find yourself a victim of such an event then cause a scene, and tell the person in no uncertain terms to never touch you again lest he suffer your wrath. Your body is YOUR BODY and can only be touched with YOUR CONSENT.

The world is full of idiots. Do not become another one.  this is a great video from @JackHoward about consent. Watch it a hundred times and take note. 

EDIT: I apologise for the ranty off the hip post, but it's something i felt strongly about and couldn't leave without adding my piece. I know it is not all men, before anyone points this out. However not all sharks have eaten people and they're still seen as dangerous as a species. There are plenty of really decent guys out there. But unfortunately there's just as many bellends. I won't apologise for that. 


  1. so so so true! he is vile and the fact so many people 'liked' that video too, is also seriously depressing x

  2. I used to love Sam Pepper but now he's turned revolting- he always does stuff like that.
    I'm going to go watch that video now even though it'll make me so annoyed.

  3. So true! He looks like such a creep in the video, hugging the girls after!! If any guy touched my ass in the street I certainly would not be hugging them after! The comments bugged me too, people saying things like "Watching a guy touch a girls bum who is dressed as a prostitute doesn't bother me" uhm what!? They're blaming the girls for his wrong!

  4. Well said! The 'prank' was absolutely disgusting and by saying it was just a joke he is trying to justifying that kind of behaviour - what if someone was to watch that video and think it was acceptable? The fact that so many people are outraged is encouraging though xx