Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shift work face- products with staying power!

So I'm currently on my last run of shifts as a student midwife! Finishing up my Intensive Care Placement then I am free for a summer of fun! I can't wait. But before I can toss away my gross white uniform and frolick (frolicking on holiday is a must, no?) I must face the dreaded night shifts...let's go. 

I don't know if you could guess but night shifts aren't fun. It doesn't matter if you love your job, they're just not and there's nothing worse than catching yourself in a mirror around 4am and realise you look like hell on earth. When your patients startle at the sight of you, you know it's bad. Now I don't do a full face of makeup for work but I like to look presentable and a 12 hour shift means I need long lasting products...enter the shift worker's face! Not restricted only to those of us working all day, I find these products are perfect for a long day out or just if you're sick of specific elements of your face sliding off after a few hours! 

Quite a mimimal face I'm sure you'll agree (also hiya unhideable nightshift bags!) but one that lasts me well. These are the products I love...

Now for some reason I've left my face primer out of this photo...when a primer is actually the first step in making it all last! But for the sake of this post imagine there a bottle of Revlon photo ready primer in there. I'm new to this, can't you tell ;) now I'm not a makeup expert and the only knowledge I have comes from experience or beauty blogs (I'm going to start a Blogroll, and I'll make sure my favourites are up there!) but this is my opinion on the products I own. 
The Clinique CC cream is good coverage (medium but buildable) and doesn't dry my skin out when it's worn for a long time like some regular foundations do. The concealer is the Rimmel wake me up concealer and, despite my love for this, I'm yet to find a concealer that completely covers the tell-tale signs of 4 hours sleep! 
I use the Bourjois bronzing primer in the place of a regular powder bronzer because of its one wants an orange mess tending them in the night which I promise you I would be if I applied regular bronzer at the wrong end of the day! And I don't think that Benefits Coralitsa (which I have in their Tropicoral box set) can be beaten for a brightening blusher. I'm a sucker for anything coral. 

My favourite mascara ever ever is the Max-factor 2000 calorie one, with the curved brush. Volume, length and curl that keeps on going...why wouldn't you?! 
 Eyebrows are courtesy of soap and glory arch de triumph- highlighter and brow pencil in one. Not the best brow product out there but a time and space saver for when you can't be faffing with powders,  brushes and highliters. Finally, a splash of colour on my lips with the latest in the lip crayon offerings from Bourjois. I can't say I love this, but the colour payoff is good and sticks around.

I've got to say the star of this ensemble is the maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadow. I have the shade On and On Bronze and I couldn't love it more. 12 hours of work and it didn't budge a bit. Genius. 

All in all about 5 minutes to a respectable (ish) face that is ready to face the day (or night!). 
I do apologise for the iPhone pictures, I'm such a novice it hurts but hopefully soon once these nights are over I'll be using my camera and blogging 'properly'.

What do you think? I'd love to know what your favourite lasting products are! Or are you brave enough or go barefaced when you need to? 

I hope you're all happy and making memories. 

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Abigail xx


  1. Love the look of that Borjous lip crayon - have been loving orange/tomato reds lately! SO beautiful and a bit retro :D x

    1. It is lovely, not as coral as I expected though! I love how lightweight and easy to apply it is though! I haven't always got time to hunt out a mirror so it helps to just be able to whack it on :) Xx