Monday, 19 August 2013

Summer of fun pt.2 - Holifest 2013


So going along with my summer promise to have more fun and generally say yes bit more, I agreed to partake in a family outing to London for the Holi festival of colours 2013. No, I'd never heard of it either but basically it's a small festival originating in India as a Hindu-Festival  where people celebrate the good over the bad and where the ethos is to forget, for one day, the colour of your skin, of your neighbours skin, to forget how sexual orientation, country of origin, religion affect you and just have fun being human and alive and equal. You do this by throwing paint at each other. The multi-coloured powder paint is thrown into the air and covers the crowd, rendering skin colour and the rest of it obsolete because everyone is various shades of pink, blue and yellow. 

I went along mainly to appease my mother who had seen Holifest growing popularity on Facebook and desperately wanted to go. The music on the line-up was electro-house type stuff which I don't mind but is more in my brothers taste-I went for the laughs and the family time it offered, something I've really missed whilst being away. 

Approaching Battersea Power station, everyone was a sea of white and the crowd was actually quite young and seemed to be buzzing! Not what I'd expected at all! It was a lovely day, not too hot but still sunny and I started to get excited. 

 Mum and me took full advantage of the free bindis supplied to get into the real feel of it all. 

With coloured bags of paint ready, we prepared ourselves for the first throw on the hour. I don't know what I expected, but as the music played, the DJ counted down...this happened. 

It was so surreal! I could hardly see through the colourful dust that completely engulfed the crowd, and people continued to dance and throw paint over complete strangers...and that was okay! It was so, so much fun. 

The paint throwing happened on the hour, and various Djs played throughout. I actually got into the music and danced with the best of them. 

We left early to catch our train back, but not before all our paint had been thrown and we'd had a thoroughly good time! We got some really funny looks travelling home! 

I can't say I've ever wanted a shower more, and it took 3 shampoos to rid my hair of blue dust! However, i had an amazing day and am definitely going again next year! I was sad to take my bindi off. The atmosphere at the festival was one of the friendliest I've ever encountered- several girls complimented me on my outfit or just started a casual chat. I loved it. 

Did you know about the holifest? Did you go?! I know they did several days in London, I'd love to see your photos if you did! Would you want to go next year? 

This is definitely a memory I'll keep for a very long time, not only did I enjoy the festival itself but it was a whole day in which I got along and even joked with my brother who, for the last few years has been traversing the awkward grunting moody stages of teenagedom. It was nice! 

Let me know what you think in the comments or find me on twitter @_tuesdaysgirl I always love to hear from people!

Love Abigail xx

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