Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Everyone loves a wedding...

Has it really been a week since I last posted?! it's gone so quickly, I've been a busy bee!

Last week I attended the wedding of my friend Charlotte and her lovely (now) husband, Ken. It was a really beautiful day and I must admit I shed a tear as she walked down the aisle!

I love weddings and I think I enjoy getting ready for them as much as the actual event! Make-up wise I try to aim for something between everyday and night out- enough so that it's clear you've made effort but not so much you look trashy (and also terrible once it's all worn off at the end of the night!) 
These are the products I used on my wedding face. 

Nothing too drastic, and for those of you who have read my shift worker's face post, you'll notice that it's a lot of the same stuff! I won't individually talk through every product because I'm not a beauty blogger, but there are some real jems in there...that bourjois bronzing primer is a godsend when you've tanned your body but not your face! I never tan my face because I'm worried it will break me out (hiya sensitive skin) but this always makes sure I match up :) For anyone interested my go-to tan is Fake Bake 60 mins tan! such a lifesaver when you're a disorganised bean like myself.

The church ceremony was beautiful and then we went to a nearby lake for the reception, to party on into the night with the newly weds! 

This was my second out of 4 weddings this summer! I was honored to be a part of the bride's day.
Here are my tips for surviving a wedding (service & reception!) incase you have any upcoming weddings this year! 
1. Dress comfortably- nothing worse than sitting around in a dress too tight, or shoes too small when you have to be in lots of pictures!

2. Dress appropriately- NO completely white outfits  (unless you've cleared it with the bride!) nothing too short or too tight, it's a wedding not a night out so try to be respectful, especially if it's a church ceremony.

3. You don't have to pay the earth for a present- we all clubbed together to get the bride and groom something simple but from the heart and she really loved it. You don't need to be the one to buy their new washing machine!

4. Take flats- heels are lovely and add that extra something to an outfit, but when you've been standing around in them all morning, it's nice to have the option of throwing on some flats before you start throwing some shapes ;) 

and finally 5. Take lots of photos (ones the photographer might miss) I have a lovely picture of the bride and her brother at the end of the night once the photographer had gone home, keep an eye out for the little things they won't be looking for, the bride and groom will really appreciate this! 

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! have a bloody good time and make sure you thank the bride and groom at the end. 

I hope some of you are lucky enough to be  a guest at a wedding soon! They're always memorable for everyone involved! 

Abigail xx

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