Friday, 30 August 2013

Old favourites

It's great that bloggers are constantly reviewing new else would I know what I needed on my next Boots perusal?! But sometimes I think that old favourites posts can be just as useful/interesting if you're on the hunt for something to boost your collection.

Enter my beauty favourites that aren't new or groundbreaking in terms of press releases or coverage but I couldn't live without nonetheless. Now, the Real Techniques brushes and the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallete aren't strangers to blogging hype, but there's a reason for that. The brushes are the first 'proper' makeup brushes I bought and it makes me cringe that I spent so long using supermarket foundation brushes which I never washed! oh, the shame! These babies are soft after countless washes, and make makeup perfect every time. My favourite is the buffing brush (not pictured) because whatever base I use it on, it always looks great. ALSO, the Pixiwoo sisters are from Norwich like myself, which makes them doubly awesome, no?

The Naked 2 pallete was a moment of weakenss in Debenhams last year, and was probably my first blogger inspired purchase. I use it all the time, and I still haven't hit the pan on any of the colours! I won't review this, there are a hundred reviews by people more qualified than me to talk to you about the colour payout and pigmentation so I'll just suffice to say that I love it, and you probably will too (if you haven't already got it!)

Chanel is such a luxury brand, this perfume will always have to be a gift as I just couldn't bring myself to drop that much on one bottle! However, that being said this perfume is timeless and classic and will always remind me of my 21st birthday in Paris (oh la la) therefore if push came to shove, I probably would buy it for myself (just very, very quickly).

Another perfume that's hiding in there is Stella McCartney's LILY in the gorgeous printed bottle. I have to say it was probably this little bottle's design that first drew me in one crazy day in Boots but I'm glad it did as it has become my go-to everyday perfume as I can spray and chuck it in my bag and it looks adorable when I drag it out to reapply.

The argan oil is also something I picked up on a whim, this time in TK MAXX as I was in the market for a new hair oil. Argan oil is much like moroccan oil in consistency and results and, I think, is a little cheaper to get hold of. I love this, I use it everytime I wash my hair and have noticeable improvements in terms of softness and shine.

This Revlon photoready primer is something I will always love; I've tried much more expensive primers that have been great (Benefit Porefessional) but it's when it's hard to part with Benefit prices this is my little fall back. Reduces the appearance of pores (not that this is my biggest problem) but provides a lovely base onto which to buff my foundation, and keeps my makeup set all day. I don't like the packaging- I think the glass jar is bulky and actually unhelpful if you've traveled and all the primer has slid to one side of the jar, it's impossible to get out! likewise when coming to the end of the product, it doesn't get up all the final dregs like a squeezy tube would but I love it and still repurchase anyway.

Finally, if you haven't heard of Soap and Glory the Daily Smooth body butter, where have you been hiding? I use this daily (more like when I remember, oops) after a double S&G whack in the shower and I always have to give my arm a little sniff because the smell is just so delicious, which is something we've come to expect from S&G. I haven't found a product of theirs that I don't adore; this is no exception. It's thick but sinks in quickly and keeps me baby bum soft all day. Winner!

I would love to know what you think of this post, I'm not claiming I'm knowledgeable about products like this at all but I do know what I love and why; I hope this has inspired you to maybe 'shop your stash' and find some hidden gems, or maybe nip out to boots and see whats on offer, sometimes the best things are ones without hype, just grabbed on a whim to fill the dangerous 3 for 2 offer that Boots enjoys tempting me with! Let me know :)

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  1. These look pretty much like my favourites this month, too! So much love for Naked 2!
    Lydia Rose

    1. I'm such a neutral girl, it's perfect! :) thanks for reading Lydia xx

  2. I do so want that Naked 2 palette STILL. Argh! Maybe I should splurge :)


  3. Chanel chance is my favourite however I'm yet to have the trip to Paris! Jem